2016-t-shirt-logoThe results of the 2016 Rotary Dodgeball Challenge have been noted in the record books, and October 1st, 2016 was another amazing day of dodgeball. (Scroll past Final Standings and Team Listings below for photos.)

165 players arrayed in 18 teams registered to compete for the Rotary Dodgeball Challenge Cup, and on October 1st, at 1:10 pm, the countdown was given! “3… 2… 1… DODGEBALL!”

When the dust settled, the final standings were:2016-rotary-dodgeball-challenge-final-results



The Organizations affiliated with the teams were as follows:

Team Name                         Sponsoring Organization/Person
Heights Dodgefathers            City of Harker Heights
Ball or Nothing                        City of Temple
Bar-B-Cuties                            Rudy’s Country Store & Bar-B-Q
Straight Outta Belton             City of Belton
JWC Incrediballs                    JWC (Jim Wright Company)
Our Balls, Your Face              City of Killeen

Team Name                         Sponsoring Organization/Person
JWC Hammers                       JWC (Jim Wright Company)
McKinney Rough Ballers      RYLA-Core Team Leaders
Wrench Throwers                   Rotary Club of South Austin
Mother Duckers                      RCHH Satellite Club
CTC Rotoract and Friends    Rotary Club of Killeen Heights
Phantom Menace                    Ronin

Team Name                         Sponsoring Organization/Person
254 Whisker Men                   254 Whisker Men
Dodging Dental Divas           Wilbea Medical Equipment
Chiro Cuties                             Isdale Chiropractic Clinic
ONO50   (Oh NO, 5-0)          Harker Heights Police Dept
Fireballs                                   Harker Heights Fire Dept
JWC Ballbusters                    JWC (Jim Wright Company)

The District Governor of Rotary District 5870,  Bruce Golden, and his wife, Sharon, came to watch. DG Bruce assisted our own President Linda Angel in handing out the Rotary Dodgeball Challenge Cup and other awards.

The Finals were a repeat of last year, with the City of Killeen’s team, “Our  Balls, Your Face” squaring off against the Rotary Club of Harker Heights  Satellite Club’s team, the “Mother Duckers.” Once again, the best two out of  three finals match was tied at one apiece, but this year, it was the City of  Killeen that carried away the Rotary Dodgeball Challenge Cup by winning the  third game.

(Above: President Linda Angel and District Governor Bruce Golden award The Rotary Dodgeball Challenge Cup to the City of Killeen’s team, “Our Balls, Your Face.”)


(Above: The “Mother Duckers” receive their 1st Runner-Up plaque.)


(Above: The massed teams of the 2016 Rotary Dodgeball Challenge)


(Above: The “Dodging Dental Divas,” ultimate winners of the “Best-Dressed Team” award, take their positions for a game.)


(Above: The three teams from the Jim Wright Company sat together and made a LOT of noise!)


(Above: the “JWC Hammers”)


(Above: the “JWC Ballbusters”)


(Above: the “JWC Incrediballs”)


(Above: an impromptu sign cheering on the “Phantom Menace”)


(Above: “CTC Rotoract and Friends” went 5-0 in their division, doubtless because Wonder Woman was playing for them!)ctc-rotoract-and-friends-receiving-semifinalist

(Above: “CTC Rotoract and Friends” also had a member of  “Average Joe’s” playing for them and on to the playoffs they went; here they receive their Semifinalist plaque.)


(Above: The “Dodging Dental Divas” were the Best-Dressed Team by acclamation.)


(Above: 2015 was a rough year at the Rotary Dodgeball Challenge for  the Harker Heights Police Department’s “ONO50” but they came roaring back in 2016 to finish 4-1, win their division and play in the Semifinals. Big, big turnaround!)


(Above: The “Phantom Menace,” composed completely of HHHS Interact Club members, faced powerhouse playoff teams in their division that finished 5-0 and 4-1, but they did not flinch. They received the “Uncommon Valor” award.)

elijah-king-calm-and-cool-as-always(Above: Head Court Judge Elijah King is cool and calm as usual as the tournament bustles past him. Elijah made certain the outcomes of each game were carefully recorded and accurately conveyed to the Official Scorekeeper.)

wp_20161001_12_59_55_pro_30065598131_o(Above: “Ball or Nothing,” the City of Temple’s team, chills before heading into action.)

wp_20161001_15_35_35_pro_29521544034_o(Above: Mat Rutherford of “Ball or Nothing” received the “Adrenaline Award” by acclamation for his eye-popping, high-energy style of play.)

wp_20161001_15_35_50_pro_30065589371_o(Above: Mat Rutherford of “Ball or Nothing” has President Linda Angel hold his award for a moment while he demonstrates the amazing agility that caught the attention of tournament officials.)

you-said-touch-the-net-hes-touching-the-net(Above: To avoid false starts, the referees asked players to touch the back net prior to the signal for the opening rush. Mat Rutherford of “Ball or Nothing” is seen complying with this request while also literally getting a leg up on the other team.)

wp_20161001_14_08_03_pro_30065594501_o(Above: The “JWC Ballbusters” wait for the signal to begin play.)

wp_20161001_15_36_52_pro-1_29854420770_o(Above: The “JWC Ballbusters” took home the “Banshee Award” as the loudest team at the tournament… the second time in a row that a Jim Wright Company team had done so.)

wp_20161001_13_00_14_pro-1_29521203053_o(Above: Having taken up the gauntlet for the City of Belton, “Straight Outta Belton” upped their game in 2016, taking home a winning record and finishing second in their division. They were also prominently featured in the Killeen Daily Herald’s tournament coverage: click HERE to view the coverage.)