The 2015 Dodgeball Challenge attracted a lot of media coverage. Leading up to the event, several written challenges were delivered to various organizations, including the cities of Killeen, Temple and Belton:

Challenge to City of Killeen 8-28-15Challenge To City of Temple 001Challenge to City of Belton 9-8-15

9-10-15 Belton Journal



The tournament on September 19th received some excellent coverage as well:

Dodgeball Challenge! 9-20-159-25-15 Killeen Daily Herald-Heights Herald Page One9-25-15a Killeen Daily Herald-Heights Herald9-25-15b Killeen Daily Herald-Heights Herald9-25-15c Killeen Daily Herald-Heights HeraldHH Evening Star 9-25-15aHH Evening Star 9-25-15b